Production Facilities

Located strategically throughout the United States and near international shipping ports.

Horizon Ag-Products production facilities have been strategically placed to minimize freight costs and shorten delivery intervals. We realize that fertilizer application windows can, at times, be condensed to a few weeks. In response to these critical timing needs in production agriculture, regional access to our fertilizer inputs is vital.

Dry Granular Production

Our flagship dry granular production facility was built in 2006 to meet the growing needs of our customers’ dry granular business. Located in Cuba, New Mexico, it was designed with state of art computer control systems and equipment. This facility has improved and increased their processes three times over the last six years.

Liquid Production 

Horizon’s liquid production footprint has grown with the expansion of our customers’ business and increased demand.

For example, when our customer, Simplot Grower Solutions, increased their orders for our products two decades ago, we responded by expanding production locations–from the first plant in Ceres, CA to additional plants in Burbank, WA and Rupert, ID.

In another case, as we built our partnership with Helena Chemical Company, the need became apparent to expand eastward. That growth led to the Merkel, TX and Onawa, IA facilities being constructed.

Looking forward, Horizon Ag-Products will continue to expand to meet goals for continued growth.

Quality Management Systems

Quality is one of the cornerstones for our success. All products manufactured by HAP undergo certification and scrutiny before leaving our facilities. Our QMS staff is working towards ISO-9001 compliance at all facilities. Our internal controls processes and procedures have allowed us to report 99.99999% on-spec shipments since 2011.


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