Why Horizon Ag-Products?

Horizon Ag-Products Improving plant health for 30 YearsHorizon Ag-Products Partners with You
For the past 30 years, Horizon Ag-Products has provided plant health solutions, based in science, that help growers achieve healthier crops and higher yields by mitigating abiotic stresses such as nutrient availability, heat and moisture problems and soil structure issues, all of which can reduce crop yields by as much as 60%.

Horizon Ag-Products partners with distributors and retailers to deliver plant health solutions to the agricultural market. Horizon Ag-Products also partners with manufacturers to enhance their product formulations and performance using our technology.

Continual improvement in our products and business practices has allowed Horizon Ag-Products to maintain long standing relationships with our customers. Our focus on innovation and value-added technologies has allowed our partners to capture additional market share and satisfied repeat customers.

Working together, we will find the right solution to enhance your product line and add value to your business while improving return on investment for your customers.

Long Standing Trusted Partnerships
Horizon Ag believes in building long standing, trusted business partnerships with our customers. We believe that benefits should be mutual for both parties. And, we believe that strategically placed relationships prevent conflict, competition and lead to greater success.

Highest Quality Standards
Horizon Ag-Products ISO 9001 Quality Management CertificationHAP has evaluated raw materials from around the world to find the highest quality sources for its products. HAP delivers a consistent and effective product with measurable results each and every time.
(ISO 9001 Quality Management Certified)
Our internal controls, processes and procedures have achieved a 99.99% on-spec shipment record.

Strategically Positioned Supply
HAP invests in manufacturing infrastructure to support our customers’ growing businesses. Additional dry product manufacturing and liquid distribution facilities are planned in the near future.

Highly Professional Team
Every member of the Horizon Ag-Products’ team – from our dedicated Sales Coordinator representatives to the Board of Directors – is fully committed to making your experience the best possible. All team members acknowledge our first priority is you – the customer – and we all share the responsibility to ensure that your Horizon Ag experience is second to none.

Gold Standard Customer Service
We strive to manufacture and produce the highest-quality plant health solution products available and back them up with the best customer service staff in the industry.

We Care About Sustainability
As a leading provider, Horizon Ag-Products has been an integral part of the sustainability movement. In addition to improving crop health and yields, our technologies help the environment by reducing environmental impact and concerns over phosphate and nitrate leaching and water management utilization.


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