Soluble Humus—Finished Products

Horizon Ag-Products has been the premier supplier of soluble humus-based finished products to the agriculture industry for thirty years. The consistency and quality of our select sources of organic compounds has been the basis for our leadership in naturally-derived plant health solutions.

Proprietary manufacturing advancements have kept Horizon Ag-Products at the forefront of dry and liquid humic-products development.

  • Our dry soluble humus products utilize our Micro Particle Technology. This technology adds a timed release property to our dry products which provides a season-long source of the plant active compounds.
  • Our proprietary methods used to concentrate liquid formulations allow our products to be exported at relatively low costs compared to other non-concentrated humic and fulvic products.

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Plant Health Solution Technologies–Manufacturer Ingredients

Our technology platforms are available to fertilizer manufacturers as value-added production ingredients.  Manufacturers are utilizing these technologies to differentiate their commoditized product offerings with additional features and benefits that can capture added value. Let’s discuss your needs.

HAP-coat technology increases nutrient use efficiency of crops as a liquid impregnation additive for dry fertilizers. HAP-coat chemistry functions on two levels: 1) it lowers the osmotic potential of fertilizer allowing for more rapid nutrient assimilation and conversion; and 2) stimulates root development in plants.

HAP-coat can be formulated into existing macro & micro nutrient fertilizer additive products. The HAP-coat concentration level can be tailored to meet customers desired formulation volume requirements. HAP-coat technology provides additional abiotic stress relief compounds that are effective at increasing yields.

HAP-sorb technology can be added to foliar products and is formulated to improve cell penetration of applied nutrients and plant protection products. HAP-sorb functions by complexing with inorganic compounds and moving them deeper into plant cell tissue. HAP-sorb is compatible with most macro and micro nutrients, ag chem formulations, and biostimulant products. HAP-sorb also mitigates heat and moisture stresses, improves root growth, and enables the translocation of applied nutrients.

HAP-plex technology is designed to enhance soil-applied liquid fertilizers and is used to increase nutrient use efficiency (NUE) in fertilizers. Utilizing Horizon Ag-Products proprietary Unit Activity Promoter synthesis, HAP-plex delivers more plant active compounds that optimally perform at lower concentrations than other soluble humus products.

HAP-plex chemistry functions on two levels: 1) antagonistic soil compounds are sequestered allowing applied nutrients to remain more available; 2) root rhizosphere activity is enhanced in the presence of the HAP-plex chemistry allowing more active uptake of essential plant nutrients into plant cells.

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