Proprietary Technology from Horizon Ag-Products Improves Fertilizer Availability

Solutions for Improving Crop YieldFertilizing with nitrogen is necessary for most crops. A surprisingly large percentage of applied nitrogen, however, never makes it to the plant. Depending on field conditions, typical efficiencies of applied nitrogen range from 40 to 75 percent. Applied nitrogen can be lost from several conditions. Two common losses are from leaching of nitrates and/or volatilization of ammonia.

Regardless of the cause for nitrogen loss, the effect is expensive to the grower and may degrade the soil environment. Mixing nitrogen fertilizers with products containing Horizon Ag-Products’ technology can minimize such losses by improving the efficiency of applied nitrogen. Not only do the proprietary compounds in our products improve the effectiveness of fertilizers, they also help improve the soil environment by aggregating soil particles and buffering the salt effect associated with synthetic fertilizers.

Nitrate (NO3-) is the most common form of nitrogen taken up by crops. Rather than attaching to soil particles, nitrates are repelled by soils and can leach very quickly beyond the root zone. Nitrate leaching is most severe in sandy soils. Horizon Ag-Products’ formulation sticks to soil particles bridging them together while simultaneously holding onto soil nutrient molecules.

The coated soil particles create negatively and positively charged exchange sites in the root zone. These sites allow for nutrients like nitrates, calcium, iron, and zinc to chemically bond. In simple terms, the “hang-time” of nutrients is increased and therefore improves the efficiency of nitrogen and other nutrients applied for crop growth.

Additionally, soil bacteria consume large amounts of nitrate nitrogen in the process of breaking down crop residues. In this process, available nitrate nitrogen is converted to non-available forms of nitrogen. Proprietary compounds in products containing Horizon Ag-Products’ technology have demonstrated dramatic improvement in uptake of nitrate nitrogen.