Research & Development Team

Research and Field Trials Measure Effectiveness

The Horizon Ag-Products research and development team is comprised of on-staff chemists and biologists and university consultants. Our advanced in-house laboratory and the Universities’ capabilities and expertise allow us to understand and explain the biochemical pathways and physiology of our proprietary chemistries.

Our collaboration with university researchers is beneficial because it also broadens the capabilities and understanding of our compounds without requiring large capital expenditures. This approach helps control costs thereby allowing new products to come to the market more quickly and cost-effectively.

Our in-house staff:

  • The Director of Research & Development executes the overall strategic direction laid out by the company mission statement.
  • Existing Products Specialist Chemist leads the technological studies on our existing product portfolio.
  • New Products Specialist Chemist leads the technological studies on advancing and understanding new formulation technologies.
  • An in-house plant biologist evaluates and quantifies the benefits of potential formulations in the pipe-line.
  • Our lab technician assists with the day-to-day operations, quality assurance testing and sample preparation for 3rd party independent trial work and customer requests.

The Horizon Ag-Products R&D team and our university collaborators are receiving industry attention for their innovative plant health solutions that: 1.) advance the goal of helping the agricultural industry economically; and 2.) sustainably improve productivity to meet the needs of an exploding world population.