Horizon Ag-Products
Improve Nutrient Hang Time

A large percentage of applied nitrogen fertilizer never makes it to the plant.
Horizon Ag-Product’s technology changes that.

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Solutions… Developed
through Research and Partnerships

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Proudly Supporting
The 4RS of Nutrient Stewardship

The Right Fertilizer Source
at the Right Rate
at the Right Time
with the Right Placement

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Horizon Ag-Products, LP is a science and research-driven producer of innovative plant health solutions. We specialize in naturally-derived plant health products for the global agricultural market. Horizon Ag-Products is not a fertilizer company. We make fertilizer products perform better. Our technologies and finished products are used by fertilizer manufacturers and dealers to provide improved fertilizer performance by increasing nutrient uptake efficiency. Horizon Ag-Products has developed proprietary chemistries for the broad spectrum of fertilizer delivery methods including soil-applied, dry fertilizer impregnation, and foliar applications.


The benefits of Horizon Ag-Products' sustainable technologies are: improved plant health, promoting crops that are better able to withstand abiotic stresses, and ultimately, increased crop yield. Our technologies also support soil health benefits in a global agricultural community where there is pressure to produce more yield with fewer inputs. We provide solutions that promote sustainable agricultural practices.Learn more about why you should choose Horizon Ag-Products.

About Us

Horizon Ag-Products' team of scientists, engineers and agricultural specialists have been pioneering products and practices to improve plant health and productivity since 1983. Today, Horizon Ag-Products is leading efforts in sustainable technologies and serves an international community of ag-industry manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and growers.

Our Products

Our products are formulated with chemistries that are proven to increase the health and physiology of crops around the world. We design each product to be safe and convenient to use. The result is greater yields and higher quality crops.


Horizon Ag-Products begins its 30th year of business with new products, facilities expansion and international partnerships to improve crop productivity and to increase profitability for partners and growers. "Our constant goal of continual improvement has never let our company grow stale.” Douglas Phelps, VP Marketing.