Solutions…Developed through Research and Partnerships

Our formulation and chemistry department ensures our products are safe for you, our customer. We work with our customer network to find answers to questions about compatibility and mixing with customary fertilizer components.

Undertaking Research Leads to Effective Solutions
Nutrient use efficiency technologies

The foundation of Horizon Ag-Products’ business is our bioscience research and development department. We have developed products with sound science and research driven data. Our research and development team drives our company, focusing on nutrient efficiency and plant health solutions.

Understanding the chemistry of naturally occurring plant compounds requires dedication. Our team’s extensive experience and desire to develop sustainable technologies, based on solid scientific principles, is never ending. We use stringent laboratory procedures to achieve statistically significant and reliable results.

Top performing formulas are then tested in scientific field trials. Our products are evaluated and tested via randomized and replicated trials with 3rd party researchers and universities. Through our trusted partner distribution channels, we have conducted over 1,400 grower demonstration trials on 41 different crops around the world. Studies we have performed on our products include:

  • yield benefits
  • nutrient use efficacy
  • crop quality
  • abiotic stress management
  • stand counts
  • chlorophyll content
  • emergence
  • phytotoxicity
  • crop vigor

Horizon Ag-Products’ commitment to research and development of innovative plant health solutions is unyielding. We continue to pursue the development of scientifically-proven, field-tested products to enable producers to meet the maximum efficiency of agricultural products.